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Area of expertise

Design and implementation of components and softwares
Technical design of Internet/Intranet sites
XML Technologies
Network and Telephony

Our several projects made us work with different technics and technologies.

Design and implementation of components and softwares

The implementation of Flow Group using the .Net Framework improved our skills for developping applications and components with this technology.

Combined with our knowledge of languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, and our knowledge of technologies such as COM, DCOM, we are also able to integrate existing code into .Net applications.

Components and controls
We are able to design and implement components and controls, along with their designers and editors, in order to integrate them in the IDE. We are also carefull about the localization issues.
N-Tiers Architectures
We are able to define and setup N-Tiers architectures, either with Remoting web services.
COM and Interop
If you have existing code in C, C++, or Visual Basic, we can integrate it directly in .Net using Interop, or also write wrappers as COM objects.

Technical design of Internet/Intranet sites

Using ASP.Net technology, we are able to setup dynamic websites or dynamically generated websites.

This last kind of website combine the advantages of dynamic websites for the update of the pages while preserving the performance of static websites.

We respects standards for HTML or XHTML, and we are very carefull about compatibility for IE/Mozilla.
We use the CSS as much as pôssible in order to keep the HTML/XHTML as simple as possible but with a nice rendering.
Javascript functions we are implementing are compatible with IE/Mozilla. We also try to keep the site working when client do not support javascript.

XML Technologies

We mainly use XML for content management, for web sites for instance. The content for this web site is stored in XML files.

We are not only able to read and write XML files but also capable of defining classes to interpret other kind of files as XML files, implementing XmlReader and XmlWriter.
We can setup data-driven approach, template-driven approach. We are also capable of implementing and using extension functions in .Net to overcome the language limits.
DTD, Schema, RDF
We are capable of defining DTD or schemas for your XML files or define RDF graphs.

Network and Telephony

We are capable of setting up you local network, your internet access and interconnect your workplace with others.
Virtual Private Network
We can setup IPSec or PPTP VPN and interconnect your remote connexion in a secury way.
Integrating SIP in Flow Group ease your communication with your contacts, while reducing costs.
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